Monday, August 26, 2013

baby's 1st year album

On my desk this morning is an almost finished album of my baby girl's first year! I officially started it way back in Spring 2012 when I was on maternity leave with her. But truthfully at that time I only did maybe part of one layout. I did most of the pages this past February/March when I was laid off from one of my jobs.

I love that it is packed full of memories! I have always used post bound albums. I had one 3-ring album and just didn't like how it sat on the shelf for some didn't really use it until recently. But I decided that I wanted to put her album into a 3 ring because it had gotten so full and I was adding in a few pages here and there and that is a pain with a post bound album. This weekend I picked up this colorful chevron album at Michael''s a Becky Higgins Project Life album. I don't do PL but loved this album. A typically pastel baby color just doesn't fit my little girl! I'm so excited about how this has come together. Today I need to go through all the pages and see which one's still need dates added and little details. There are 3 or 4 pages that need to be finished...and I like to do a title page. Over the next few weeks I'll finish it up.

I also worked on a few more layouts this weekend during nap time...I tend to scrap in bulk. When I do get a chance to sit down I finish quite a bit....

1. You Make Me Happy: I got this second piece of Crate Paper's sunshine paper from The Pier collection at my LSS recently because I had already used up a piece I got in  Cocoa Daisy kit and loved both sides. I used the opposite side on another layout but loved this wide chevron. I played around with layers and blocks, some washi tape paper I picked up recently and some old stickers. This layout is about a walk to the boulevard and beach with my parents this spring around when my dad was finishing up rounds of chemo before surgery. Memories with them and Ellie are bright spots for all of us with these challenges going on...

 2. Learning to Brush: I just love these pictures! My husband was helping her learn and she picked it up quick! I used the June Cocoa Daisy kit for this layout. Trying to work finish up the kit...pretty simple layout.

3. @the Show: This is a follow-up layout to another I did about our trip to Disney on Ice this winter. The two layouts don't "match" I just used colors for each to set the mood of the photos. These were some neat shots I got of the skaters and Ellie clapping. I used to figure skate for about 10+years so it is special for me to take her to her first ice show!

 4. Big Snow: This was my favorite layout I finished. It is about the blizzard we had this past winter. The photo is outside our condo door. I used all icy colors and some new Thickers I picked up at Marshall's for $1.49 this past week. The rhinestone snowflakes have been in my stash for years!

 5. Happy Snow: This title is supposed to have some humor to those who know the story. Ellie did not like the snow and/or her snowsuit too much! I took her out the day after the blizzard and she just looked miserable! And she is a February baby! I think I want to add a bit of journaling under the photo and title to tell the story. The "Happy Snow" card is cool...I got this on a bus trip with my LSS. Every fall they get a coach bus and it travels to all the local shops. At the Paper Source in Boston they gave us a little bag full of goodies and there were a few winter letter pressed card pieces in it. This was one of them....they are so pretty.

Hoping to get some things done around the house today. It's my last week of only working at my clinical job. The college classes I teach start up next friday. And I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. Ugh. Kids and their germs!

Happy Monday!

Monday, August 5, 2013

weekend layouts

Love: one of my favorite pictures...used scraps for this layout.

One Year Later: Used my June Cocoa Daisy kit. I think this one is my favorite layout. Clean and simple.

Ooh: Another favorite. I love this background paper! Used some elements from June Cocoa Daisy kit and then scraps from my stash.

You Make Me Smile: I have had this elephant paper for years....happy to use it with this photo.
Waiting for the show!: I am in love with this background paper! And it fit the theme perfectly:)

Had a few girlfriends over on Saturday and I got this stack of layouts done. Might add a few details here and there (like dates the photos were taken) but they are mostly done. I need to budget out money to buy two 3 ring scrapbooks. I have one from years ago. I loved how simple it was to use but I really don't like how they sit on my shelves...they stick out really far. So I have always used post-bound. But I'm finding that Ellie's 1st year baby book outgrew the postbound album. It's literally busting at the seams. And in general I don't scrap chronologically. So I think a 3-ring would be useful for me. I have one that I'm using for my childhood/old photos album and it has been helpful for that project. I just find they are so expensive! I usually buy albums with a coupon at M's. Have to see if I can do that for a 3-ring.

Looking forward to a fun Monday. My husband has the day of...which NEVER happens! So we are planning to go to the beach this a.m. Unfortunately I have class tonight....but we will enjoy our day.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

my sunday in images and a list

my smiling girl



  • sun streaming in.
  • coloring in a coloring book with my girl.
  • DisneyNature movies on Netflix.
  • Quesadillas for lunch.
  • thinking about playing in my art journal?
  • finishing up classwork. 
  • waiting for Cary to come home from drill.
  • giggles with my girl.
  • toys, pacifiers, and loved blankets on the floor.
  • feeling grateful and loving our home.
  • cutting up grapes for snack. tedious but worth the smile.
  • content.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Finished two more layouts using my June Cocoa Daisy kit. I used to be afraid to use my favorite patterned papers. I didn't want to use them up or I wasn't sure how to incorporate them. I am the same way with clothes I've noticed. I usually buy and wear solids but admire patterns on other people and the rack. In scrapping Glitter Girl has inspired me to use my favorite patterns as backgrounds. This is a look that isn't for everyone but I'm finding I really like it! They make layouts that are busier so I don't add a whole lot else...but that is my usual style. Very few embellishments typically.

I am also not someone who usually buys patterned paper according to what is new or part of a specific line or manufacturer. But lately I am finding myself drawn to certain lines. The Pier is one of those! I really love this lines colors. So much that in the first layout above I got only one sheet of that background paper (sunshine) in the kit. Yesterday I went to my LSS and bought the only sheet they had left because I also loved side B!

I didn't buy much at my LSS...mostly patterned papers. I got a few Maggie Holmes from Crate Paper...I found I really like her lines...also I'm really excited about some new releases. Especially Say Cheese from Simple Stories. I don't usually like heavily themed stuff but I love Disney and love that this collection is somewhat universal and not overly themed. I watched all the new CHA videos on two peas and actually found myself loving a lot of new stuff!

Well...back to reality. Getting some stuff done before I have to head to class tonight. Really should be reading the long book chapter I have to lecture the class on next week. Ugh!

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 26, 2013

building your nest

A few weeks ago I got the June Cocoa Daisy kit I ordered myself as a treat for finishing the 1st of 2 classes I need to take for my counseling license. I love it. I really want to subscribe again...but really need to just order the months I can for now. I finished one layout with the kit so far...really have to get it together and do some more creating!

I love the background paper and the little details in the kit. This layout has another photo that is one of my favorites from late this winter/early spring. Ellie loves to pull all the blankets and pillows off the couch and make a little "nest" on the floor in the corner of the living room. It is so cute!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 22, 2013

weekend adventures

Ellie and her castle
My father-in-law and sister-in-law came down from Maine to visit us this weekend. It was fun. They hadn't seen the baby since last summer! Now she's a big kid. We went to a local "castle" in town next to the ocean. Hammond Castle was created by a man who holds records for the most patents. It's a beautiful, mid-evil home next to the harbor...

my favorite part of the castle

Daddy pointing out something to his girl

Thinking gargoyle - had fun editing this one.

view of the harbor

Later that day we went to the zoo in Boston and had so much fun...

Playing with the budgies - this is Ellie's favorite part! She tries to catch them. No fear!

Feeding the budgies with me. She's thinking..."Come a little closer little birdie!"

Swinging joy!

Sliding joy!

Hanging out with the gorilla.

Worn out from the day!
She got to have time bonding with family we rarely see and she had a lot of fun. But less sleep than usual! It was a battle trying to get her to fall asleep for a nap yesterday after they left. I lost the battle! So today we are aiming for a "normal" day at home!

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 12, 2013


This is one of my favorite recent layouts. It isn't quite finished yet. It is very needs a few details once I find just the right embellishments. But it highlights a photo from last 4th of July that I love. On our honeymoon my husband bought a stuffed Mickey for the baby. She loves it. Last 4th of July we were walking back home from the parade and she had on a little hoodie that has cat ears on it. It just looked so cute...the two of them. Cat and Mouse! A few months after this photo her original Mickey got lost. For Christmas I called up Disney World with our original receipt and was able to get my hands on a replacement that was a close copy of the original that was discontinued. It is exactly like the lost is still her buddy.

Hoping to find the perfect details to finish this one up....

Happy Friday!


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